One of the most popular rides, the 75m supertube will keep you coming back for more as it thrills you with twists and turns and finally spits you out into a pool of gushing water.

2 Lane Racer

Challenge your friends and family to a race and fly over humps and almost lift off as you zoom towards the finish line.

Kamikazi slide

Not for the faint hearted and designed for the speed freaks. This slide takes you to new levels of excitement as you feel yourself sliding on air “P.S. Wedgie Alert”

Free Fall slide

For the ultimate rush, drop down a 12m free fall slide
“P.S. Wedgie Alert”

Raging Rapid Tube ride

Rush down the raging rapids, fly around the corners and finally slow down as you calmly float into the main pool.


The mini-supertube caters for the youngster and the more calm at heart.

Kiddies Slides & Pool

Designed for your little ones. The rides are a kids delight.